Editorial news; In memory of Prof. Gianroberto Scarcia

The scarlet light of time; In memory of Prof. Gianroberto Scarcia.

Proceedings of the symposium in commemoration of Prof. Gianroberto Scarcia.

edited by Prof. Matteo Comparteti and Prof. Maurizio Pistoso.

In 2018 the academic world said goodbye to Gianroberto Scarcia, illustrious Islamist and Iranist, emeritus professor of the University of Venice "Ca' Foscari", extraordinary translator (especially from Persian and Russian) and above all life teacher and sincere friend of those they had been lucky enough to cross paths with him and appreciate his teachings. In this publication Matteo Compareti (professor at the School of History of the Capital Normal University, Beijing) collects eight of the speeches shared during the day of commemoration held in honor of the Maestro in the Aula Magna of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, six months after his death . These anecdotes give back a vivid and affectionate portrait of the scholar, characterized by an impeccable academic profile as well as an affable human dimension. "First generation" students, such as Maurizio Pistoso, and "acquired" students, such as Leila Karami, Boghos Levon Zekiyan and Armando Nuzzo, tell us different faces of the Professor's academic genius, making it clear how their studies and personal interests have been influenced and stimulated by the comparison with him and with his wife Biancamaria. There are also amusing and personal episodes, which underline how Gianroberto did not shy away from convivial and informal situations, for the intellectual satisfaction and dispassionate delight of acolytes, disciples and friends. Stefano Pellò highlights Scarcia's activity as a translator, recounting the shared study path to conclude with some poems, according to a scheme of "Scarcia's" memory also proposed by Marco Di Branco in his moved speech. Simone Cristoforetti, custodian of the Maestro's photographic archive, offers a selection of black and white images, mainly from his travels in his beloved Persia. Finally, Matteo Compareti, editor of the book, presents his homage in a less personal and more attentive way to pure research, considering it the most congenial way for him to express the unbridgeable debt towards Gianroberto. The fall of the publication in 2023 makes it a special tribute to the ninetieth birthday of Gianroberto Scarcia, already evocatively named "Onagro Maestro", and a belated and long-awaited reminder of the many memories shared in that last, ideal moment of conviviality.

Publisher: Paolo Emilio Persiani
Necklace Study: Persica
Format: Paperback
Published: 20/06/2023
Pages: 210
Italian language

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The scarlet light of time

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