Editorial news; Fire in the harvest

Fire in the Harvest, a novel by Hossein Fattahi.

On September 22, 1980, with a premeditated plan and with the aim of overthrowing the newly established Iranian state, the war imposed by the Iraqi Ba'th regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran began, which lasted almost eight years. Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq at the time, appeared before national television cameras tearing up the 1975 Treaty of Algiers, announcing the invasion of Iranian territory and the violation of international borders. There is no doubt that Iraq was the aggressor in this war. Many countries in the region, especially Western ones, provided Saddam Hussein with significant financial support, weapons and even chemical weapons. All researchers and scholars agree on this point, and even the United Nations recognized Iraq as the initiator of the conflict, bringing it to the world's attention.

The objective of the translation and publication of this book by the Cultural Institute of Iran is to introduce to the Italian public, especially children and young people, a war novel from the point of view of a boy, and to raise awareness on some events that the Iraqi Ba'th regime, with its senseless leadership, has imposed on the Iranian people for all eight years of war.


The novel tells the story of a teenage boy who lives in a village near the border between Iraq and Iran. His peaceful life is turned upside down by the outbreak of the war imposed by Iraq against Iran, which brings death and destruction when the village is occupied by Iraqi forces. The boy decides to join the popular forces to defend his homeland. The novel offers a realistic and touching depiction of the effects of war on the lives of ordinary people. The writing is clear and engaging, and the pace of the narrative is fast. The characters are well developed and complex, and the reader can easily relate to them


Hossein Fattahi Iranian writer, born in 1957 in Yazd, Iran. He has dedicated around four decades of his life to writing works for children and teenagers and has published around 200 books. The work Fire in the Harvest won the book of the year award in Iran in 1988. Some of his works have been translated into different languages ​​and have been very successful in Iran. Among his most famous works: The Boys of the Island, Love in the War Years and The Fairy of the Palm Grove.


Translation by Giorgia Durigon 

Edition: The Circle

85 pages.


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