Editorial news; Contemporary Iran

Editorial news; Contemporary Iran

Contemporary Iran by Carlo Giovanni Ceretti.

Iran is a mysterious country, has an extraordinary culture and is full of profound contradictions. Our readers know this. This time we have decided to tell it through a collection of essays accompanied by photographs, maps and insights. We will reconstruct the historical events that have shaped and shaped Iran, from the revolution to today. Then we will analyze its institutions and the dynamics that condition its domestic and foreign policies. Finally, we will highlight the most original aspects of contemporary Iranian society, talking about the economy, but also about architecture, art and literature. We will be guided by some of the top experts on Iran in Italy: professors, political scientists and journalists who collaborate with the best research centers and write for the major national newspapers. But there will be voices "from within", because we know how important the points of view of the Others are.

Professor Carlo Giovanni Cereti

he is full professor of Philology, Religions and History of Iran at La Sapienza in Rome, where he is delegate of the rector for international cooperation and president of the master's degree course in Cultural Heritage in the Near and Middle East, and Africa.

From 2009 to 2017 he was a cultural adviser at the Italian Embassy in Tehran, an eyewitness of Iran in those eight years.

Publisher: Francesco Brioschi

Release: August 2023

Pages: 288

Price: 28,00 Euro


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