Editorial news; Anthology of poems by Mohammad Reza Shafi'i Kadkani.

The Second Millennium of the Mountain Gazelle by Shafi'i Kadkani.

Hezāre-ye dovvom-e āhu-ye kuhi ("The second millennium of the mountain gazelle"), published in 1997 is among the ten collections of poetry published by Professor Mohammad Reza Shafi'i Kadkani. This collection is one of the best-known and most enduring works of contemporary Persian poetry.

In 2019, the book reached its eighth printing.

The volume in Persian collects five books of poetry previously published separately: Marthi-ye-hā-ye sarv-e Kāshmar (The elegies of the Kāshmar cypress), Khatti ze deltangi (A line from melancholy), Ghazal barā-ye gol- and āftābgardān (A ghazal for the sunflower), Dar setāyesh-e kabutar-hā (Admiring the doves) and Setāre-ye donbāledār (The shooting star). The fifty-four poems translated into this anthology have been chosen from the five books in this collection and share the Nimaian form.


Mohammad Reza Shafi'i Kadkani (M. Sereshk), born in 1939 in Nishapur in Iran, is a famous poet, scholar, literary critic and professor emeritus of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Tehran. He spends various research and teaching periods in Oxford, Princeton and in Japan. He considers himself a disciple of Nima Yushij, a pioneer of Persian free verse, known as she're no ("new poetry") or she're nima'i ("Nimaian poetry"), and a close friend of Mehdi Akhavan Sales, among the major contemporary Iranian poets. The proximity to Akhavan Sales pushes him to be among the poets followers of the new khorāsāni poetic style. He has published ten collections of poetry. A set of collections by him was published in 1997-98 by Sokhan publishing house, in two separate volumes, Āyine'i barā-ye sedāhā (A mirror for the voices) and Hezāre-ye dovvom-e āhu-ye kuhi (The second millennium of the mountain gazelle).


Neda Alizadeh Kashani is a university professor and literary translator. PhD in Modern and Comparative Languages ​​and Literature at the University of Macerata, you taught translation theory at the Allameh Tabataba'i University and Italian language and literature at the University of Tehran. She translated from Persian to Italian il Manual of contemporary Persian literature and essays by Mohammad Ja'far Yahaqqi, ISMEO/Ponte33, 2018, jointly with Professor Raffaele Mauriello, and the novel from Italian into Persian In the name of the mother by Erri De Luca, Nashr-e Mahi, 2022.


Shafi'i Kadkani

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