Antonio Corrado

Diary of my trip to Iran

It is an all too difficult exercise to clear all the known and start again, there is no second "first good impression".
Traveling is always a moment of growth, an evolution of something that was born with you and that evolves in every experience that has an ethno-anthropological, cultural, social, explorative and emotional value.
I have always given a color to the impressions that a new place gives me and that of Tehran, at my first meeting, it was gray.
Going back to Persia and not being able to visit the places that made Persia great seemed like going around with a straitjacket.
But in this new "journey" I was "guided" by the talented and patient Sima Jandideh, from the instinctive desire to live popular and identity emotions and from the fate that made us meet Akbar Gohli and Mohsen Yazdani in Italy and Mehdi Afzali and Neda Reyhani in Tehran. To these last two I have to give credit for having emotionally ferried me from Persia to Iran making me "feel", "to try" a contemporaneity that is not only a question of calendar but of socio-cultural actuality. I am not referring exclusively to the exciting installation of Ali Akbar Sadeghi in the Museum of Contemporary Art or the exciting concert of contemporary music in which we were able to assist in the first row with Mehdi and the Minister of Culture Hoseini but in constant contact with cultural realities, mediatic and inter-relational. Being expected, desired and appreciated has been a constant, just as it has been a constant manifestation of wanting to know and make ourselves known to all those we met in every place visited.
The mix of meetings and events related to culture and moments linked to an urban exploration have transformed this trip of 6 days to an experience of three weeks' worth.
To be entered into the temple of the cultural world of Tehran through the front door made us live and promote a reality that began long ago but which is much more present than I imagined, and as time passed I realized that the gray is always transforming more in blue and then in blue and so on.
The lowest common denominator of my experiences in Iran was strengthened, an altruistic and communicative people who hunger to take part in a world stage with strong players and a strong identity.
I am in love with this place, all its beauties, landscapes, archeology and anthropology, its culture and feminine beauty.

I have the "FORTUNA" of living in a place where, in the Second World War, the front of the "Gustav" line has generated several thousand deaths that today rest in monumental cemeteries not far from meF. Every time I visit them I come out really tried. The same feelings you have experienced in yours, it is not possible to describe them!
I hope I can continue my exploration soon.

below the text of my speech at the inauguration of the "15 ^ Image of the Year" I HAVE EXEMPTED ':

I am Antonio Corrado, Project Manager of the Mostra Popoli and Terre della Lana organized with the partnership of the Iranian Institute of Culture and in particular with prof. Akbar Gohli and with dr. Mohsen Yazdani that I thank.
We are truly honored to be here as your guests, this fills us immensely with joy and I thank the fate that gave me the opportunity to be worthy of this grace.
Graces are gifts that are appreciated in life on earth, can not be kept in the bank and then resume in times of need or when there are none, must be immediately put to use.
A child, I've always been a curious child and even today I have not changed at all and I look at the world with the same look as if it were the first time.

In my life I have always looked for something that would satisfy that thirst for discovering new worlds, peoples with their own identity and culture. And growing and exploring I realized that different and distant peoples, in places and time, in similar situations make similar choices and their uses and customs evolve differentiating themselves in aesthetic manifestations but resembling those practices.
The nurturing of these experiences has always made me grow with the look of one who is hungry for knowledge and breadth of views. This, over time, has been combined with a job that I do with passion and that satisfies me in existence: enhancing cultural diversity, looking for points of contact and growing from those of contrast.
Infusing the traveler's instinct in an exhibition's visitor, the explorer is the key to success in generating the desire to personally discover the treasures found in all corners of the world.
To make thirsty and to offer the jug of water.
Thank you.

Antonio Corrado

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