Nima Yushij (1897-1960)

Nima Yushij

Ali Esfandiāri, known as "Nima Yushij", 11 November 1897 was born at Yush in the region of Mazandaran; contemporary Iranian poet is considered the father and founder of the sher'e no (new poetry) Persian.
The "new" poetry was a denomination that Nima himself had given to his art. A precursor of a new current in Persian poetry, he managed to change with his compositions the millennial canons that seemed immutable, sacred and eternal of the poetic tradition.
He composed his first poem entitled "The Faded Story" at 23 years. Nima, in addition to research treaties, letters and annotations, is also the author of the works listed below:
"Faded History", "Collection of Nimā's Poems", "The Soldier's Family", "Oh Night", "Myth", "Myth and Quartine", "Makhoula" My Poetry "," The City of Night and the city of the morning "," The sound of the deafening bell "," Other cries and the spider of color "," Water in the ants' dorm "," Mr. Morqad "(story)," Broken hives "(formed from five short stories), "The deer and the birds" (poetry and story for children), "A toucan in a cage" (poetry and story for children), "Description, explanations and other annotations", "Words of the neighbor and love letters".
Nima also has poems in the dialect of his region, the Mazandarans, which were published under the title "Rujā". Some of his works have been translated into foreign languages ​​such as English and French. Nimā Yushij the 3 September of 1960 died, the his mausoleum is located in Miresad and has been included among the national works.





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