Mahmoud Farshchiān (1930)

Mahmoud Farshchian

Master Mahmoud Farshchian, born 24 January of 1930 a Esfahan, is a contemporary Iranian painter with a particular style and ideology that has had a great influence in the current of Iranian painting (miniatures) and in other traditional arts.
Taking into account the authenticity of the traditional bases of this art (miniatures), with the introduction of new methods, he has increased the expressive capacities of Iranian painting. He completed his studies in Iran and in Europe and in his career we find the post of professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts of theUniversity of Tehrān, founder of the religious and cultural center in New Jersey in America, and author of scientific articles, research papers and lectures on Iranian art.
His works are a pleasant combination of authenticity and innovation and the result of the influence of classical poetry, Persian literature, the Koran, the sacred books of Christians, Jews and even his profound imagination.
They have been exhibited in more than a hundred individual and collective exhibitions in Iran and in other cities of the world such as: Paris, New York, Chicago and so on. Umberto Baldini, a long-lost professor of art history and director of the International University of Art in Florence in Italy, was convinced that for an interior reception of Farshchian's work, a profound vision and long-term patience are needed.
He is considered a landmark and a prodigious phenomenon in Iranian painting. Numerous works, including the sacred and luminous Zarih (fence in the shape of a grate provided with a grate placed on top of the sepulcher) of Aboabdallah (Imām Hossein) (A) and the eighth Imām Rezā (A) were executed by hand eternal by master Farshchian.
Paintings and drawings very refined and precious have been published in Iran and in the world as: the illustration of the Shāhnāme of Ferdousi, the great pahlevān always in the Shāhnāme, religious works etc. .. Even the letters and notes annotated by hand, have the characteristics of his miniatures.
The museum dedicated to him, located in the cultural-historical complex of Sa'd ābād (Tehran), exhibits more than seventy works of the master for Iranian and international enthusiasts. He has received numerous awards and acknowledgments of merit, among which the following can be listed:
- Recognition of merit as a pioneer in the field of culture and art
- Gold medal at the international art festival, America
- First level recognition in the art
- Oscar d'Italia, gold statuette
- Recognition of the Golden Palm, Italy
- European gold statuette of art, Italy
- European Academic Diploma, European Academy, Italy
-Diploma of merit of the University of Art, Italy
- Gold Medal Academy of Arts and Labor, Italy
- First prize, Ministry of culture and art, Iran
-Medaglia d'oro, international art festival, Belgium
-Medaglia of gold, military art, Iran



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