Mohammad Taghi Jafari (1925-1998)

Mohammad Taghi Jafari

Mohammad Taghi Jafari - Iranian celebritiesMohammad Taghi Jafari, born in 1925 a Tabriz, known as Allāmeh Jafari, is a contemporary Iranian scholar, philosopher, speaker, jurist, Moulavi expert and commentator on the Nahj Al Balāgheh.

His mother gave him some preliminary lessons, the Koran and the first rudiments of the elementary school. After his primary studies in religious sciences in Tabriz, 15 went to Tehrān for years to continue and after three years of religious studies he moved to Qom and then to Najaf. At 23 years reached the degree of "ejtihād " and after 12 years of stay in Najaf, he returned to Iran.

Among its peculiarities we recall the proverbial memory, the constant effort to reconcile the Shiite theological school with the University and with the ancient and modern sciences. Knowing both the language of the theological and the university seminary, he has left us a work of interest in both fields and being poured into jurisprudence, philosophy, art and Islamic aesthetics in half a century of scientific activity and research, has composed more than 100 volumes and treatises.

He also wrote 25 books as part of the explanation and commentary on the "Nahj Al Balāgheh " and 15 volumes on the comment of the "Masnavi ma'navi " of Moulavi. He had more than 70 meetings with international personalities such as Bertrand Russel, Roger Garaudy, Professor Adbolsalām and Franz Rosenthal.

His interest in art and literature led him to memorize more than 100 thousand poems and qaside shutters and Arabic and also parts of Western literature. His artistic work is also one of the authentic sources of art from a point of view of Islamic philosophy.

The most complete "Kashf alābiyāt masnavi Moulavi"In 4 volumes entitled" From one sea to another "was published with his contribution. More volumes of 60 volumes and articles and books have been published about him in the field of critique and analysis of positivist and neo positivist contemporary Western philosophy.

Among these we can mention the explanation and the critique of the theories of Kant, Hegel, Descartes and David Hume. Master Jafari has dedicated almost 50 years to his educational task towards society. In this long period many researchers of the Shiite theological school and the University have benefited from his lessons and have learned some important knowledge.

Among the works of Mohammad Taghi Jafari we can remember the following: "Treated on the fiqh","Universal human rights from the point of view of Islam and the West " (in Persian and in English), "Al Rezā'a ", "Predestination and free will ", "Argumentation on the ontology of Descartes","Argumentation on ontology ","The purpose of life","An introduction to the meaning of the philosophy of possession","Movement and change in the Koran","Nature and beyond "," Science at the service of man "," Relationship between science and truth "," Science and mysticism according to Ibn Sina "," Science according to Islam "," Hope and waiting "," Relationship between man and the universe "," The ideal of life and ideal life "," Criticism of the theories of David Hume in four philosophical topics "," Analysis and criticism of selected thoughts by Bertrand Russel "," Art and aesthetics in Islam "," Political philosophy of Islam "," Analysis and criticism of the book (narration of thoughts), "The message of wisdom", "Philosophy of religion "," A study on the philosophy of science "," Philosophy and purpose of life "," Philosophy and critique of secularism "," An introduction to philosophy "," Moulavi and world views "," Creation and man "," Music from a philosophical and rational point of view "," Islamic mysticism "," Is the path of sharia different from the truth? "," The prayers of Imam Hossein (A) in the desert of Arafat "(in Persian and Arabic), "Commentary, criticism and analysis by Masnavi (15 volumes)," Imam Alì (A) and the mystique "," What makes the words of Moulavi so fascinating? "," War is perhaps in the nature of man? "," Conscience "," Translation and commentary by Nahj al Balagheh (25 volumes ")," Complete translation Del Nahj Al Balagheh (1 volume) "," The man in the Koran "," The Imam Hossein (A), martyr of culture, precursor of humanity "," The knowledge of man "," Science according to 'Imam Ali (A) ", "Science and religion in rational life", "Ethics and religion", "Knowledge from the scientific point of view and the Koran", "Commentary, criticism and analysis of the Masnavi of Moulavi" (Circle of knowledge in 15 volumes), "Three poets "(Hafez, Sa'di, Nezami)," Philosophy, ethics and mysticism in the poetry of Nezami Ganjavi (in Persian and in Russian), "Analysis of the personality of Khayyam" (analysis of philosophical, literary, scientific and religious), "From one sea to another" (Kashf alābyāt Masnavi Moulavi in ​​4 volumes),, "Discussion on the law of equilibrium in the method of decomposition and combination", "Sciences and values ​​in the path of scientific laws" , "The motivation of leadership in Islam and criticism of current motivations", "Pioneering culture", "Precursor culture and a project for the cultural revolution".

Many works by Allāmeh Jafari have been translated and published in various languages, including the book "Art and aesthetics in Islam" in Italian. The master in the last years of his life was hit by lung cancer and the 16 November 1998 went off in London. His body was transferred to Mashhad and he was buried in the portico "darolzohd " of the Imam Rezā mausoleum.     





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