Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016)

Abbas Kiarostami

Abbas Kiarostami, born 22 June 1940 a Tehran he was a director, a screenwriter, an editor, a photographer, a producer, a graphic designer, a great international filmmaker, as well as an Iranian poet and painter.

He is considered an influential director in the world cinema whose works have been well received by critics, jurors and directors of festivals and cultural and artistic associations in the world, especially Italian.
Although his first artistic experience was painting, Kiarostami from 1970 began his cinematographic activity making more than forty films including feature films, short films and documentaries. In addition to the cinema Kiarostami was versed in other arts, such as poetry, photography, installation, music, graphic design, drawing and painting.

He must be considered among the well-known filmmakers who are part of the new wave of cinema in Iran. The simplicity, the use of children as protagonists and heroes of history, the documentary style, the setting in the villages, the setting aside of the figure of the director, the poetry and even the dialogues of the characters in the car, are some of the peculiarities of Kiarostami's films.

He was the winner of many important film awards. Five times he was a candidate on the Palme d'Or for Cannes festival and in the 1997 the fiftieth edition of this same festival won her with the film "The taste of the cherry".

He has participated in numerous important world film festivals as a juror and has held this position for four editions of the Cannes Film Festival. Some of his photographic works have been exhibited in exhibitions in Italy, England, Japan, China and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.
Kiārostami has also directed numerous training workshops for art students in various cities of Iran and abroad. He also obtained the position of director of two groups of the Opera in the cities of Paris and London. In his artistic career he was also a judge of photographic competitions.

Kiārostami until 2014 has received at least eighty major world awards, some of these we list below:
-Premio Roberto Rossellini, 1990
- Decouvertes cinematic prize, 1992
-Premio Francois Truffaut, Giffoni Film Festival, 1993
-Premio Pier Paolo Pasolini and gold medalist Federico Fellini, Unesco 1995
- Recognition as a knight of art and literature of France, Officier de la Lègion d'honneur, 1996
-Palma D'Oro at the Cannes Film Festival, award in memory of Vittorio De Sica and gold medalist Federico Fellini, 1997
- "Alessandro d'oro" Award, International Film Festival of Tessaloniki, Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Golden Plate Panorama of European Cinema and Special Award Mediterranean Film Festival, Montpellier, 1999
- Award for the artistic career "Akira Kurosawa" San Francisco Film Festival and Special Award from the Ministry of Culture and Art of London, 2000
- Merit Doctorate by the Ecole Normale Supérieure University and Konrad Wolf Film Award, 2003
- Candidate as a member of the Institute of British Film and Film Award for Film Festival, Iceland, Leopard of Honor, Locarno Film Festival and Lifetime Achievement Award for Yerevan International Film Festival, 2005
- Winner of the Henri-Langlois Art Prize, 2006
- Merit certificate by the University of Toulouse and recognition as a great world master, Kolkata Film Festival, 2007
-Price of merit to the director, Venice Film Festival and Jamshid Cup, 2008
-Price of merit to the film career Festival of the film of Monaco, Ph.D. of merit by the University of Paris and "Spiga d'oro" at the Valladolid International Film Festival, 2010
- Recognition of merit by the Government of Japan, 2013
-Recognition "Decoration of the sciences and art", Austria and Film Career Award and "Golden Orange" at the International Film Festival of Antalia, 2014
The written works of Kiārostami are the following: "The Wind and the Leaf" (Poesie), "Hafez according to Kiārostami", Sa'di according to Kiārostami, "With the wind", "Ten", "A wolf lurking" and " Fragments from Shams' Ghazalyāt ".
The cinematographic works of Kiārostami (mainly directing and screenplay) are as follows:
"The bread and the alley", "The recreation", "The experience", "The traveler", "I can too", "Two solutions to a problem", "The colors", "The dress for the wedding "," How do we use our free time ?: Painting "," The report "," Homage to teachers "," Solution number one "" Case 1, Case 2 ", Toothache", "Dental hygiene", " Disciplinary or undisciplined "," The choir "," Fellow citizen "," The pupils of the first class "," The key "," Where is my friend's house "," Homework "," Close up "," And life goes on ", Journey to the country of The traveler", "Under the olive trees", "Three times the earthquake", "The journey", "The white balloon", "Time", "The willow and the wind", "The wind will take us away", "ABC Africa", "Abandoned station", "Five", "Red gold", "10 out of 10", "Tickets", "The workers are busy working", "The Iranian carpet "," To each his own cinema "," Shirin "," Ten "," Certified copy "," Someone to love "," Acquaintance with Leila "," Future reloaded "," Ten minute s older "," The streets of Kiārostami "," Where is the place of arrival? "," Lumiere and company "," The birth of light "," The taste of cherry "...
Kiārostami died in Paris on 4 July 2016. His tomb is in Lavāsān, on the outskirts of Tehran.



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