Culture does not come down with a bomb

The strength of the ancient Persian civilization.

Iran has a fluid culture made up of grandiose, millenary grafts, of mutations and stratifications that have turned into great works of ingenuity and creativity. “From the Roman army to the Mongols and passing through others Religions”, He continues, this fluid culture has dissolved, mixed, nourished, built up. Archaeological sites, monuments, mosques, lush gardens, grandiose palaces, the remains of ancient temples raised to the Christian God, to Allah, to Zarathustra: all this is today testimony of a complex and ancient culture, which will not disappear, even when history will be marked by unfortunate collapses and aggressions.

Iran was one of the three or five most productive cultures, among the first civilizations. It is her productivity that has prevented her from seeking wars in history. Because the warlord has nothing to lose and his inexperience makes him irresistible. But Iran has always had a lot to lose and has always been concerned about protecting it. These pieces of stone and brick carry our culture, but they are not culture itself. They can be destroyed with cannons and tanks, but not with the culture itself. Being Iranian is in our collective memory, in our language and literature, in our way of thinking, in our vision and attitude, in our forms of happiness and mourning. Iran has accumulated real and symbolic levels for many millennia. So his death takes time, like his birth and evolution. "


Source: Artribune



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