Side dishes

Pickles (Shur va torshi)The Iranians are big consumers of pickles that they present on the table as an appetizer or side dish to dishes and meats. Vegetables and fruit are preserved in vinegar or in brine and variously spiced and flavored, using ancient and simple methods of conservation inherited from the ancient oriental and classical civilizations, so the lack of means of transport, refrigeration and conservation was a very sensitive problem. Today in Iran there are all kinds of shops, restaurants often prepare them for their customers and in small towns and villages it is still possible to meet street vendors of pickles that offer tastings of their best preparations to induce passers-by. purchase. Read more

Once potted it is good to wait about a month before consuming them, keeping the pots in a cool and dry environment. It is essential to choose vegetables and white wine vinegar of excellent quality, wash and dry the pieces of vegetables perfectly, and use ladles and utensils to avoid the formation of mold. It is a good idea to boil the vegetables in vinegar for a few minutes. The salt absorbs the moisture of the vegetables counteracting the development of microorganisms that would cause the decomposition. However, the amount of salt compared to water and vinegar can vary according to taste; three tablespoons of salt are generally sufficient for half a liter of liquid which can consist of water and vinegar in equal parts. Depending on the amount of vinegar used and the consistency of the final product, the conserved vegetables take different names: those preserved in brine are called shur, those prepared in water and vinegar in variable proportions are the so-called torshi. Depending on the taste, fresh garlic peppers, fresh spicy peppers, sprigs of dill or tarragon, grains of black pepper, mustard or coriander are added according to taste.

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