Tar (Tār); Persian Musical Instrument

The tār belongs to the family of string instruments (chordophones). A sound box, a handle and a head are the main parts of this instrument; it also consists of the simgir (tying point of the strings), from the bridge, from the nut, from the skin, from the keys, from the pegs, from the strings and from the plectrum.

The harmonic box of the tār has two acoustic boxes joined together whose opening is covered with leather. This tool has from 25 to 28 keys and 6 strings that are arranged in three rows of two. The role of the tār in Iranian instrumental music is significant and the repertoire of this music has developed mainly due to the opportunities and techniques of execution with the plectrum of the tār and the setār.

In the last 150 years the most important and influential Iranian musicians have almost always been tār players.

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