Ney; Persian Musical Instrument

The ney or cane flute has seven segments (haft band) of this plant and therefore is called ney haft band. This ancient instrument, played in most areas of Iran, is a wind instrument without reed (simple mouth) and has five holes in the front and one in the back that are closed with the index and ring finger of a hand and from the thumb to the ring finger of the other hand.

The ney is positioned between the two incisors and is played by rolling the tongue down and behind the two teeth. When you play this wind instrument without reeds, the air enters through the opening in it, and by placing your fingers on the holes, with the pressure variation, different sounds are emitted.

The usual phonic extension of the ney is about two and a half octaves. It is divided into four phonic areas. It is used both as a solo instrument and as an orchestra.

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