Dozaleh; Persian Musical Instrument

DozalehThe dozaleh is an instrument of the family of reed aerophones with a double acoustic channel. It has two acoustic channels and two single reeds. Each reed is placed on an acoustic channel, the material of this instrument is derived from bone, from the barrel or rarely from metal tubes and also its tongues are made of cane and currently of metal.

This tool has holes in the front of each acoustic channel from the 5 to the 7 while it has no holes in the back of it. Currently some types of this instrument are played in some regions of Iran such as the Kurdistān, the Kermānshāh, the northern and southern Khorāsān, the Ilām, some areas of Khuzestān, Hormozgān, Bushehr and circumscribed areas of Torkmen Sahra.

This instrument in the various areas of Iran is known by the names duzaleh (Kurdistān, Kermānshāh, Ilām), gheshmeh, do sāzeh, duni, ney jafati or double-barreled flute and ghalam-e jafati. The instruments of the duzaleh group are played with particular methods of breath (nafas bargardān) only in marriage feasts and in convivial gatherings. The duzaleh, the gheshmeh or the ney jafati accompany the dāyereh, the tombak and the dahol.

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