Daf; Persian Musical Instrument

The Daf is an instrument of the family of one-face membranophones (an open side) with a body similar to a frame. The Daf is actually considered a particular type of Dayereh. It consists of a frame similar to a wooden circle and one side of it is covered by leather.Daf

In the inner membrane of the frame and all around it, rattles are fixed composed of three rows of metal ring; when the Daf is played, these rattles beat against each other, against the menbrana and against the skin creating different sounds.

The main geographical scope of use of the Daf is the Kurdistān region. This instrument in the history of Iranian mystical literature is wrapped in an aura of legendary, allegorical and otherworldly beliefs, so much so that the Daf circle is considered the symbol of the circle of life.

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