Art and aesthetics in Islam
Art and aesthetics in Islam
Original title: هنر و زیبایی از دیدگاه اسلام
Author: Muhammad Taqi Jafari
Original language:
Translator: Kazem Zakeri
Year of publication: 2014
Number of pages: 148
ISBN: 9788897278214

In this work, the author addresses, from the Islamic philosophical point of view, the most important themes of art and aesthetics, including: the meaning and the different types of beauty, the distinction between conformist art and avant-garde art, the role of the artist in society, talent and creativity, the relationship between beauty with ethics and revealed truth. Finally, an entire chapter is dedicated to the theme of artistic and natural beauty, in the traditional sources of Islam, namely the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet and the Imams.

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