An evening with Saa'di from Shiraz

Saadi Shirazi National Day.

Every year Iranians dedicate April 21 to commemorate the great poet Saadi.

Saàdi (1184 – 1283 E./1291 AD) was one of the greatest poets of Persian literature of the classical Islamic age (the Western Middle Ages).

His full name was Abu Muhammad Muslih ibn Abd Allāh, known as Saadi of Shirāz, or Shirāzi.

The Cultural Institute of Iran in collaboration with DIRUZ, organizes the meeting entitled

An evening with Saadi of Shiraz


They are members of one body, the sons of Adam

From a single essence that day you created.

And if one of them has misfortune, let him lead fate

For the other members there will be no shelter

To you, who do not feel pain for others' misfortune

It cannot be given a man's name


Friday 21 April 2023 at 19 pm.

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Saàdi (1184-1291)


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