A Ramadan of solidarity and protection - Prayer time

Ramadan begins: a wish for peace to all Muslim friends.

Dear brothers and sisters

We have come to the recurrence par excellence of our religion: Ramadan. But this year, fate has it that both Christians and Muslims live Easter and the fasting month of Ramadan marked by a veil of uncertainty and a wind that has blown away all the constant habits and abandonment at the moment of socializing with shared prayer, at the time to spend together with family and friends, because everyone has been invited to stay in their own home.

Also on this occasion, Christians and Muslims recognized themselves more brothers than ever, united by the sensitivity of these times, they saw their holidays as a time to feel closer, even if we are far apart; we can be close with our prayers and invocations.
We take advantage of this "imprisonment" to open our hearts and minds to be able to live the time of isolation, as a space to find the sign of the presence of God within us and with His help, make the light shine outside us of hope.

We take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to those who experience the pain of loss and illness and offer our thanks to the operators involved in the treatment and containment of the pandemic.

"Allah will follow the welfare to the discomfort. " [Quran Sura 65 verse 7]

“Finally, we ask God, who is exalted, to lift this tribulation and resolve this crisis, and to have mercy on everyone on earth. May God give us the strength to be patient and grateful and to show compassion for each other and cooperate to spread goodness and pity. "



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