Tenth edition of the “Visioni Corte” festival and Iranian short films.

Tenth edition of the “Visioni Corte” festival and Iranian short films.

Venice Film Festival and Iranian short films.

A focus on Iranian cinema, screenings, cinema meetings and masterclasses. These are the main ingredients of the tenth edition of the Visioni Corte International Short Film Festival, which will take place from 18 to 25 September in Gaeta.
Selected 106 works, between competition and out of competition, from 37 countries from 5 continents, which are divided into the five competitive sections CortoFiction Italia, CortoFiction international, CortoAnimation, CortoDoc, to which Kiddos was added, dedicated purely to children and adolescents protagonists with stories all different from each other and often difficult, and the two non-competitive sections Germogli di Cinema, composed of shorts considered innovative and worthy of interest and extremely particular, and Meridiani, a focus dedicated to short films from a single country which this year will be dedicated to the Iran nation.

“This is an important birthday and we wanted to organize the tenth edition entirely in person, after last year, unfortunately, due to the health emergency we had to do it entirely online. It will be a great party, with many friends and many directors to celebrate these ten years of beauty, culture, passion and above all to widen this ever wider window on the rest of the world ", said the artistic director Gisella Calabrese during the presentation at the Entertainment body of the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

The works in competition and out of competition
All the selected films will all be screened in the Ariston Cinema Theater, the headquarters of the event. In total 1080 minutes of programming that will give a lot of space to film genres but also a lot of comedy and particular attention to current issues. The works will also be available on the web platform (www.visionicorte.online), as last year, to reach a wider audience.
Large presence of female directors, 68, far exceeding last year's record. And in the sign of women is also the image chosen for the poster of this edition, an original drawing by the artist Mirka Perseghetti entitled "Cinema enlightens us", the theme of this edition, which is intended to be a good omen after this long period. of privations and closures due to the health emergency from Covid-19.

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