Women's Olympic fight, Iran enters history.

Historical victory for the Iranian team in the women's Olympic fight

Women's Olympic fight, Iran enters history at the recent "Belt Wrestling World Championship" which took place in Kazakhstan. From December 20 to 23, in the city of Nur-Sultan, hundreds of athletes met on the platforms in the world competition. Obligatory passage before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic event, two disciplines competing: alysh and Kazakh Kuresi.

An important victory. So much so that even the Iranian authorities wanted to highlight the result by praising the women's team. Team became world champion in the Alysh style of wrestling.

In addition to gold, the women's wrestling team won silver and bronze medals for a combined total of 93 points.

Behind Iran and its first title, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan placed second with 89 points. Third place was the prerogative of Kazakhstan which scored 63 points.




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