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Iranian Commercial Law.

For the first time and after several years of work and research, Prof. Pier Filippo Giuggioli, thanks to the valid translation by Francesco Petrucciano, presents the translation of Iranian commercial law into the Italian language.

Knowing the commercial law of Iran for those who open the trade channel with Iran is inevitable and the need for a valid translation of Iranian commercial law into the Italian language has been felt for a long time.

The translation of the book edited by valid teachers and experts in the field such as Prof. Massimo Papa, Prof. Pier Filippo Giuggioli, Prof. Andrea Borroni, Prof. Federica Periale and Mahdi Firouzan is the only Italian key to knowing the Iranian commercial code.

Presenting Iranian commercial law is certainly challenging since it implies, first of all, knowledge of the legal system in a high sense. In fact, it does not escape anyone who knows Iran that some of its characteristics, for many reasons, are unique and unrepeatable even in the rest of the Islamic world.

The centenary of the first Iranian Commercial Code, the approach of the definitive cessation of nuclear measures and the hoped-for re-appropriation by Italy of the role of privileged exporter represent the context in which the publication of the first work on commercial law took place. business in Iran.
The authors, almost all Iranian academics and professionals, provide a complete panorama of a complex and fascinating system, which is participated by both the European and the Islamic soul.



Massimo Papa

Pier Filippo Giuggioli

Andrea Borroni

Federica Periale

Mahdi Firouzan


Francesco Petrucciano





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