Civil Code
Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Original title: قانون مدني ج.ا.ايران
Author: ………….
Preface: Massimo Papa
Original language: Persian
Translator: Raffaele Mauriello
Publisher: Eurilink Edizioni
Year of publication: 2015
Number of pages: 320
ISBN: 9788897931478


The Civil Code of Iran is an organic body of provisions of civil law and of rules of procedural law of general importance. The Code was issued several times between the 1928 and the 1935 and was amended several times. The translation was made taking into account the most recent amendments. The Code consists of 1335 articles and is divided into three parts: First book "Of the goods", Book according to "Of the people", and Third book "Of the tests in the actions". The three books are preceded by a Preamble that deals with the promulgation, the effects, and the implementation of the laws in general.

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