Cefalù Film Festival hosts a film from Iran

Behzad Khodaveisi with the “Cellmate”, a film about stolen childhood.

Behzad khodaveisi, Iranian director sends the strong message with his film "Cellmate". No to child brides.
Behzad khodaveisi, actor and director of cinema and theater and TV, was born in Tehran in 1965.
Degree in acting and theater direction at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran where he obtained a master's degree. Later he also devoted himself to television where he became a popular and successful actor. on television, so that critics consider him an actor on television has generally been more successful.
The list of his works and his participation in films and TV broadcasts is very long. However, in Cefalù he wanted to present a short film with very strong contents. “They stole my happiness the moment they couldn't see my life as a girl. A whole day of his life in Asia or anywhere else ”. A film that sums it up.

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