Bāmbu bāfi (The art of braiding bamboo)

Bāmbu bāfi (The art of braiding bamboo)

The bamboo was imported into Iran, along with the tea seeds, from Kāshef ol-Saltaneh.

According to many, the Bāmbu bāfi industry has made its debut with the arrival in Lāhijān of a Chinese Master. Thanks to the help of the Iranian artisans who were his disciples, the art experienced its growth and its progressive improvement.

Bāmbu bāfi is one of the typical manual arts of the Province of Gilān whose raw materials are obtained from bamboo canes. The beginnings of Bāmbu bāfi, as well as those of tea cultivation, date back to about one hundred years ago and its most important production center is located in Lāhijān, in particular in the Liyālestān area. The bamboo is found around the ponds and near the rivers that flow near the cities of Lāhijān and Rasht, particularly humid environments. Such products have both a decorative nature how functional. In Iran the most favorable places for the growth of bamboo are: Liyālestān, Ali Ābād and more or less all points in the north of the country.

With bamboo you can produce, in different sizes: trays (for chocolate or fruit), chandeliers, bedside lamps, chairs, etc.



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